Wardrobe Staples: The White SHIRT



My wardrobe is pretty basic; I have a few clothes on repeat.

One of my key recyclable pieces is ‘The White Shirt’.

The white shirt is a wardrobe staple for everyone; young, old, male, female, white, black, tall and short.  It suits the trend-setting, en-vogue, life slaying Naomi, and the hmm can’t really be bothered plain Jane. Whatever your personal style the white shirt is probably still a must for you.white-shirt-with-scaarf-from-insta

The same white shirt can be dressed up to work, events, functions and church (you know I had to slide that in there) and dressed down to the park, shopping or just chilling with friends.


I have a few white shirts, this one being one of my favourites. I like the capey, crop style of  the shirt and the bat wings makes it cooler than your typical shirt.

What I love about the white shirt is its versatility.  

The white shirt highlights to me what we need to be as Christians.

Paul tells us how he made himself all things to all men, in order that some might be saved (1 Corinthians 9:19-23).

To the Jews he related as a Jew, to those governed by law, he made himself relevant and relatable.  Being versatile does not give us licence to sin, compromise or conform.   It just means we should be accommodating, approachable, understanding and relatable in our service to people.

Let’s take Jesus as our case study. He was able to appropriately address high officials, ministers of religion and the aristocrats of society (Matt 19:16-30, Mark 5:21-43, Matt 15:1-20).  And He was comfortable chilling with people who were deemed by society as outcasts (Mark 2:13-17, John 8:-11); the prostitutes, adulterers, tax collectors and sinners. To top it off He was humble enough to make Himself accessible to the little ones (Mark 10:13-16). He demonstrated through His life what it meant to be all things to all men, without once compromising the essence of who He was.


With a clear understanding of His assignment, His ministry was aimed at the lost, broken and wounded, people that can be found in all areas and social classes of our world.

Like Jesus, we ought to demonstrate a love for all. For some of us this may mean learning to love, relate and reach out to people that do not look or sound like us.  We must make a conscious effort to reach out to people who are ostracised, hurting, broken and rejected.  This may require loosening up a little and showing a bit more personality.  Let us break some of the false stereotypes of Christians as boring and strait-laced, by living a life of love and fun (without compromising!).


The Bible says:

“Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

(Romans 10:13)

Which tells us the kingdom of God doesn’t discriminate; it’s not an exclusive family because salvation is a one size fits all – it is for all who make the decision to accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour (Acts 2:21).



So, Just like the white shirt can be dressed up and dressed down to suit the occasion, let us try in our lives in the same manner.

In truth and with love

Faith xox

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