Thrive Where You’re Planted

If I was offered the role of being a nomad blogger (or whatever they’re called) I would say yes, please! I love travelling and just being in different places.  But I have come to realise the importance of being planted! Being rooted somewhere and thriving in that community.

One day last week I was sitting in my living room in silence, and I started thinking about what it means to be planted.  I thought back to when I was in primary school and as a class, we were growing beanstalks!  I remember in the mornings excitedly running to the tray by the window to see my transparent glass labelled with my name which contained my wee bean. I was excited to see the transformation and growth.  Even on the days when there wasn’t that much physical change, as a class we learnt that we would eventually see the growth of our plant.

We learnt one of the first stages of the bean plant is the splitting of its outer layer.  This is essential for the plant to get oxygen to produce energy it needs for germination, and also to set its roots.

As I pondered on this process, I thought about how aesthetically unpleasing the splitting may look but how crucial it was to the growth of the plant.  If the outer layer doesn’t split, then there is no oxygen, roots cannot be formed, the plant doesn’t get the required nutrients and eventually it dies (or just doesn’t grow at all).  This isn’t supposed to be a morbid post, but it did make me think about not being planted or fully committed to my community for long enough to break the outer layer (for me I have to admit it’s itchy feet and a lack of commitment – I just want to be free!!) in order to thrive. 

If you believe God has placed you somewhere, no matter how abundant or derelict the place may seem, commitment to that place will result in some growth.

Think about the dry, harsh nature of a desert, yet there are certain species of cacti that survive and do well.  You are an important part of your current ecosystem, so whether you’re there for life, or a short-term stint – split your outer layer, establish roots, yield to the environment (your community) and allow yourself room to grow.   Where you grow you thrive!

Our growth isn’t for selfish reasons. Think about it the bean plant doesn’t eat its own harvest. Similarly, those around us benefit from our growth and the production of our fruit.  As Christians the fruit of our growth should equip, encourage, impact and mobilise our community towards His kingdom.

With love,

Faith xox


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