Slow down not Shut down: 5 Stress Busting Tips

  Stress is something we all encounter; if you live in a city like London, it’s easy to find yourself always on the go; the hustle and bustle never really stops. It’s important to identify… View Post

Woman of my Word

Before we get into this post, let me address the elephant in the room. I know in my ‘Commitment’ post I made a bold statement that I will post twice a week, which I haven’t.  … View Post


Whenever I asked my mum to go trick or treating for Halloween she would say ‘Hallo-kini‘ which means ‘Hallo- what‘ in Yoruba. Now to my mum who was born and raised in Nigeria the concept… View Post

New New

So summer is officially over, and we are now in Autumn/Fall.  I say this, well type this whilst staring out of my window, with the fan on because it’s still warm, still bright and sunny.… View Post


This post was written months ago with the provisional title ‘Keys to Success’. Reluctant to post, I left it to one side. Yesterday during a brief conversation with a younger friend, she asked if I… View Post

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