I would like to get straight into storytelling, but I realise that I probably owe you (well those of you that are interested) an explanation as to where I have been these last few months.… View Post


I enjoy going for prayer walks, mainly because I’m such a busybody I struggle to sit down and zone out on just one task. So I often combine two activities together, I find it to… View Post


      I’m not much of a movie lover, but last weekend I branched out a little and watched two great movies, one of which was ‘Fences’. I give Fences a solid 10/10, and would definitely… View Post

Hearing from God

  A couple of weeks ago I was writing a few essays. Usually when I have assignments for school or work I would spend hours planning, collating information before settling down to produce the first… View Post

Times and Seasons

Let’s rewind back to Friday morning, it was 02.12.16.  I was walking to the tube station for work and as usual I had a number of thoughts going through my head. 3 significant events occurred… View Post

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