Are you walking in your purpose?

The word of the season seems to be ‘purpose’. I guess the obsession is understandable for this time of year, as many use the first couple of months to set goals and plan the rest… View Post

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2018

08.01.18. Day 8 already! Happy new year everyone. I’m sure some are already tired of hearing ‘Happy New Year’.  I’m one of those people that continues to wish people a happy new year well into… View Post

Perspective Vs. Reality

A few weeks ago I was in ‘panic-I’m-not-good-enough-everyone-is-better-smarter-more-able-than-I-am’ mode.  This was triggered by being in new terrains, a new place that explicitly placed a non-negotiable demand of ‘more’.  I simply was required to be and do more.  Being in a… View Post


In light of it being World Mental Health day, it only seems right that I dedicate this post to a topic I am very passionate about: Mental Health.  This year’s theme is: ‘Mental Health In… View Post


                               It’s been about a year since I started Faith’s Guide, and it has definitely been a journey. I have learned a… View Post

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