It’s 2022, Where Are You?

Today is the 7th of the second month of 2022, and I am just getting round to saying Happy New Year.

It’s funny because I have been saying with a few friends that our new year starts in February.  That was mainly because we went away over Christmas and returned home mid January.  Arriving back we were all still fully in holiday mode.

Which for me had consequences.

At the start of this year I found myself asking:

‘Where Are You?’

I’ll give you a bit of background.  The end of last year was extremely busy. I was consumed with work, being down with Cxxxd, many cancelled flights, postponed weddings.  It was all very hectic and it felt like I was constantly chasing my tail.

This didn’t stop whilst I was away.  Travelling with two laptops, not knowing when to switch off.

It was still go, go, go.  Although fun (sometimes a bit too much) it was chaotic and this resulted in my being more out of sync.

Upon returning home, I found myself feeling completely lost. I was out of sync.  The truth is I had moved far from God. 

I had lost my bearings, I was not in good space spiritually and I didn’t know what to do.

What to do when you feel lost and far from God:

The truth is the only thing I really had to do was to pause and tell God how I felt.

  1.       Prayer (and repentance)

I said a genuine prayer, nothing fancy, no sophisticated language.  Just simple heartfelt utterances.  I cried, I confessed, I repented of my sins, and spoke about how I felt and where I would like to be.


  1.       Sought Counsel

I spent time speaking to someone in my family who had spiritual common sense.  I didn’t need someone that lacked empathy speaking spiritual jargon to me, condemning me, or quoting tons of scripture (out of context). Instead I need love, fellowship, correction and help with developing a structure.


  1.       Establish a Routine       

This was critical, because the late nights, early mornings meant my days were rolling into one.  At one point I was sleeping a couple of hours, working, going out in the evenings, back to work, a quick nap then early morning meetings.

It was important to create structure and contain myself. I decided to try to get to bed on time, wake up around the same time daily.  Eat regular meals (I was literally picking because I was always on the go), switch off my laptop and STOP working, set a time for prayer and reading my Bible and moving my body (some form of physical activity).


  1.       Follow a Bible plan

I initially started with a 5 day devotional from my Bible App, then when I had started to build a rhythm joined my Church in the Bible in year Plan.

As I’ve started reading the Word again, I’m incorporating studying, meditating scripture and journalling.

  1.       Get back into Church/ Fellowship

This should never be ignored or compromised.  The safety, encouragement and support we get from fellowshipping with other believers is so important.  I cannot stress this enough!  Even more so when you find yourself in a funk, or out of sync.  This is the perfect time to walk with other believers who can support you as you find your rhythm again.

Last but certainly not the least,

6. Invite the Holy Spirit not just daily, but into each moment. 

My pastor often says it is not about performance but pursuing presence.  I find this phrase so encouraging, it also re-orientates me back to what is important – The presence of God in my life. The Holy Spirit is the ultimate Comforter and guide to help us daily on our journey!

We often feel lost because we are not aware of His presence. 

At the beginning of the year we can become so preoccupied with goals, plans that we dampen His voice or His presence in our life.

As Christians we can also become obsessed with things such as fasting, praying, bible reading (WHICH ARE ALL GOOD THINGS!!) that this becomes a task of performance or just a thing we ‘have to do’.  As such we do not acknowledge Him and His presence.

The truth is found in His presence.

Peace is found in his presence

Direction, forgiveness, wholeness (and the list goes on) are all found in His presence!


As we continue on with 2022, I encourage you to pursue His presence first.  If you find yourself lost, or far from Him, try out the steps I shared. 


If you take anything away from this it’s – just get into His presence, no agenda, just as you are.  Tell Him where you are, what is going on and lean into His love.

As you pursue His presence, you will meet with the Lord and everything else will fall into place.

Happy 2022!




Faith xox 



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