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Single and searching (12 of 14)


Single and searching (10 of 14)


Before I get started, I have to commend the British weather for actually giving us a summer.  We have experienced at least 3 weeks (and counting) of glorious sunshine *round of applause*. 

We have had the opportunity to freely wear our sunnies, get our legs and arms out and wear the summer clothes most of us buy out of pure optimism and hope for sun.

This summer for me started off quite tiring.  I experienced a few bouts of anxiety, as I thought about all the things I needed to do, wanted to do, had to do and the many events I’d been invited to and expected to attend.  Balancing work, studies, ministry commitments, family, social life and private leisure activities was quite overwhelming sometimes, and caused me many unnecessary late nights and early mornings, making me a tad grouchy and snappy.

To better manage the situation I develop a new love for the word ‘No’.  I just started saying no to a lot of things and prioritised my need for R&R.

Rest & Relaxation’.

During  my R&R

 I  rekindled some lost and neglected friendships

Spent time quality with loved ones, family, friends

Did some networking and met a load of new people

Treated myself to some new bits

Embarked on some personal development projects

And spent time dating.

I’ve been on so many dates this summer, so many I’ve lost count.


(Sorry, did I mention these dates were with myself?)

 Single and searching (9 of 14)

And they have all been great!

As much as I am a social butterfly, I love spending time with myself. I thoroughly enjoy my own company, and realise there will come a point in life, where I wouldn’t have the luxury of zoning out and having that precious ‘me time’. I wouldn’t be able to just up and leave.  Go somewhere new, try something new and simply to decide to do what I want, exactly when I want.


Single and searching (6 of 14)

(I’m aware of the weird looks, when dating alone. I’m used to them now. I usually freak people out by trying to hold hands with myself….just kidding.)

Single and searching (1 of 14) (1)

Dating alone forms a good part of my R&R time, it gives me that quality ‘me time’, which is something I aim to take full advantage of.  A little message to the singles reading this, don’t worry this is definitely NOT a lecture.   Just a little bit of encouragement to take full advantage of this ‘me’ time.  The rush to be in a relationship and married comes with hard work and responsibilities.   And in the near future, this me time may be a coveted luxury (so I’ve heard).

Single and searching (13 of 14)

Summer isn’t  over just yet, and there are a few things I would still like to do, which I’ll be sure to share with you all.

In the meantime, share with me some of the things you have done this summer.  Lessons you’ve learnt? Opportunities you’ve had, places you’ve visited, fun things you’ve done- I’d love to know.

In truth and with love,


Faith xox

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